Blog debut and March-ing orders

Hello world! This is my first official blog post and I feel an introduction is in order. This is Daisy. My two-year old cockapoo. She helps get me up for my morning runs and her favorite wedding flower is a pink ranunculus and, ironically, not a daisy. My blog will chat about hot topics in both the fitness and wedding worlds. I will throw in current events and reality tv on some occasions.

Daisy, meet the world. World, this is Daisy.

There is no time like the present, so let’s dive right in. Spring is in the air and you may think that the 40 degree weather is still too nippy for an outdoor trot. Did you know that your body temperature actually warms itself up to make it feel up to 20 degrees warmer than it actually is? Have you ever noticed when you are late for work and rushing around that, by the time you reach your office, you can’t get your coat off fast enough? You have actually warmed up your body temp. No more excuses…let’s get out of hibernation and hit the park!

Warm up in that brisk March weather with this 30 min. outdoor workout:
– Jog for 5 minutes to warm up.
– Alternate lunges (keep those knees in line with your ankles) – 20 steps total.
– 9 minute jog with a 1 minute sprint.
– Walk for 1 minute. Stop at a park bench and do tricep dips. Two sets of 10.
– 9 minute jog with a 1 minute sprint.
– Walk for 1 minute. Final set of alternate lunges and trip dips.
– Final 3-5 minute jog to get you back home.


About Amanda Marie Goetz

Growing up on a farm in Central Illinois, I always had a love for people and the outdoors. I dreamt of the day that I could build my life around helping others. I was lucky to meet my husband, Matthew, while getting my marketing degree at the University of Illinois. I was an ACE certified group fitness instructor during college and really found a passion in helping my clients achieve their fitness and weight goals, all while laughing at my corny jokes and just having fun! I knew that I would never be able to stray far from the fitness world. After years of planning corporate events in Chicago, I decided that a move to New York would truly allow me to dive in to the wedding industry. I currently plan weddings all over the US and abroad and am studying to get my ACE Personal Training certification so I can soon train couples and help them achieve their fitness goals while planning their special day. I love what I do and am blessed to meet such amazing people along the way. - Amanda Marie Goetz
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